How to Prepare Your Seeding Machine for Planting

26 August 2020
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If you are preparing for planting, you should think about inspecting and servicing your seeding machine before the work begins. This process is important because the equipment can fail over time due to continued use or even long-term storage. If it is not tuned up, the seeds might not be delivered into the soil as desired. Consequently, the yields might be lower. Here are simple tips to keep in mind when servicing your seeding machine for better performance.

Clean the Equipment

You should clean the seeding machine before using it for your planting operations. This will promote the efficient placement of seeds on the farm. When cleaning the equipment, you must not overlook the metering components. If these are left clogged with dirt, they will not release seeds optimally. As a result, some areas on the farm might remain bare and others might have unnecessarily more seeds. The belts in the unit should also be washed to ensure flexibility and smooth movement.

Replace the Disc Blades

The disc blades are critical components in seeding machines because they are designed to form trenches for seed placement. If they are damaged, it will be difficult for them to form good furrows for planting. Therefore, you should check on their condition before the intended day of use. If the blades have experienced wear and become shorter and blunter, it might be time for replacement. Purchase good blades which are compatible with your equipment and the intended crop.

Think about the Depth

The depth of seed placement is a critical consideration when planting most crops. If the depth of placement is not optimal, the growth of the plant will be compromised. This could result in lower yields. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the components which are designed to regulate the soil depth are in a good state. For instance, the planter unit must be adequately weighted. Also, the depth wheels should be serviced by changing washers and replacing the wheel arms as needed.

Tighten Loose Parts

The components of the seeding machine will fall out of form due to heavy usage in other planting operations. Moreover, if the equipment has been in storage for long, some parts might have become loose. Therefore, you should take some time to inspect the machinery and identify such anomalies. For instance, seed tubes and guards, firmers, row cleaners and wheels should be tightened. This will improve overall performance during planting.

If you have concerns or questions about your seeding machine, consult a mechanic or agricultural equipment supplier.