5 Tips for Feeding Your Kelpie

19 May 2017
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Kelpies live and work on farms throughout Australia. They are great sheep herders, with boundless energy and intelligence superior to that of many dogs. To stay healthy, kelpies need a particular balance of protein and minerals. Use these five top tips to ensure your kelpie dog gets the nutrition they need from their diet. 1. Choose the Right Foods A kelpie's diet should primarily consist of premium, dried dog food. Premium brands are rich in the nutrients that an energetic dog needs to support their hardworking lifestyle. Read More 

Don’t Overlook These Details When Choosing a Rainwater Tank for Your Property

26 April 2017
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A rainwater tank can be a good choice for your property, if you have a large garden or farm or raise livestock; you can use the rainwater to water your crops or cattle rather than wasting fresh water for these uses. Rainwater is also good to use in case of a brushfire on the property, or can also be used as drinking water if you have a strong filtration system in the home. Read More